Could you please volunteer with this community - we have all sorts of roles to suit any schedule. Even if all you can do is some online book keeping or helping out at the fete - we'd like to hear from you. Contact us

School Volunteer story - Deirdre

Kids: I have 2 kids at school and a toddler at home.

Work life: This year I am on maternity leave and getting involved at school as much as possible while I have the flexibility.

How did you start volunteering at school? It started with a volunteer roster in preschool. I like being part of my child’s school and finding out whats happening in their day.

What do you help out with at school?

I help with reading and maths groups and the kitchen and garden classes. I also water garden beds which is all very flexible and easy-going and doesn’t take long. I was part of a group effort to run the cake stall at the Spring Carnival last year.

What do you like about volunteering?

From the start I could see the benefits, for the kids and the teachers and for me. The kids seem to get more out of an activity when they have someone to guide them and I can find out what they are learning. I enjoyed helping to run the cake stall last year - it was time hanging out with my mates and helping the school at the same time. It’s more fun and less stress to share a job with friends!

How do you manage volunteering with a baby/toddler in tow?

I help when it suits me – which can change day-to-day! Reading groups do not take long and its just part of my toddlers life. There are also benefits for my younger kids: by the time they start school they know some of the teachers and  their way around school.

Quotes from the teachers - Jane Sutton Y2 teacher: Class sessions always run better with volunteers. The kids are much more involved in the activity and they can see that our community values and celebrates reading.

Thea in the garden: Its great having other people volunteering with everyday tasks like watering and feeding chooks. Its one less thing that I have to remember and having more people involved helps create a more vibrant garden.

How you can help your child to maximise their experience at Majura Primary School

The depth and breadth of co-curricular activities offered at Majura Primary School could not happen without the substantial contribution of parent and carer volunteers. Parent/carer involvement is the backbone in assisting the organisation and fundraising for the many co-curricular activities available to students. 

If you’d like to get involved in our current projects, check out the list on the home page and email us to let us know you are interested. 

However, there’s heaps more to do!

Please, have a look through the list of volunteers we’re seeking below, and register your interest.

If one parent or carer for each student did one thing with the school, we would have more than two years’ worth of activities.


Services and programs
Person to look at proposals/models for supporting children with special needs

A person to coordinate design and execution of landscaping works
A small group to organise School Carnival 
A small group to organise cake stall

A communications professional to develop our communications strategy
A person to liaise with school to coordinate Learning Journey community event

A person to explore options for new junior playground equipment
A person to investigate purchase of microscope(s)
A person to assist with grant applications

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Bathroom Blitz - we would like to fix up some of the bathrooms at school. But we are looking for someone to coordinate this project. Can you help?